Peeking pockets

This, ladies and gentlemen, is my spring break project. My Still Light Tunic is nearly complete! peeking pocketsI knitted like a fiend to get 10 inches below the pocket before the ribbing. I got really close and got to about 9.5″, then did about 3/4″ of ribbing, rather than the 1″ required. I used all but a couple of yards of yarn of the Ella Rae Lace Merino in Dark Teal. I bought five hanks, but really wanted to keep it to four if I could, and exchange the extra hank for other yarn yumminess at my LYS, since I’m constantly tempted and there is a bright pink shade of the Ella Rae that I might need very soon. Here is all that remains. peeking pockets-2I was weighing the amount of yarn it took to knit one row at the end, to maximize the number of rows I could do. I also thought it was important to keep a couple of yards on hand for future repairs. I decided I would do the pockets in a contrast color, and had plenty of yarn left over from my previous Still Light Tunic, in the same brand and weight. I wasn’t sure of the color contrast, so yesterday I ran over to my LYS and got advice from a few sage knitters that frequent the store on Fridays. They all agreed that I should go with the contrast, so I am knitting on.

I’m mere inches away from being able to weave in my ends, give it a quick steam, and take it out on the town. I can’t wait!

16 thoughts on “Peeking pockets

  1. Love the contrast of yellow with that beautiful green. I love how exciting it is to be so close to finishing a knitting project. That feeling never goes away, no matter how many things you knit.

    • Yes! I’m doing my best to stay focused and avoid casting on something new. I also get a little sad when finishing a project sometimes, like the way I feel when finishing a really treasured book.

  2. Love your “left over yarn” – it’s one of my goals to end up with the minimal amount of left over yarn – I had one shawl where I ended up with 2″ after I cast off!!

  3. I love the contrast pockets so much! I’m very impressed with how quickly this is flying off the needles-and way to keep it below four skeins so you can get something new!

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