Colorful beginnings

Yesterday as one project came off the needles (Still Light Tunic), another project went immediately on a different pair of needles. This is Marin, the second. marin-3This time I went up a needle size. Last time I made this shawl I went with a size US 3 to help make sure I had enough yarn (I didn’t), but this time I have an extra 85 yards more than the pattern dictates, so I’m knitting fearlessly. As many Ravelers have pointed out, the pattern seems to underestimate the amount of yarn required (385 yds). Last time I had 400 and I was ripping out and barely squeaking by at the end. If I reach the halfway point and am still on the first ball (of two) I’ll feel the deep relief of knowing I won’t run out for certain.

What is this gorgeous yarn? It’s Rhichard Devrieze Peppino in The Flowers colorway. It’s a bit harder to see the lovely emerging cables in this hectic color party, but you can see what this will grow up to be a little more clearly when it’s side by side with its older sibling made from Hazel Knits Artisan Sock in Euphorbia.marin-2When I get a chance and some good lighting, the finished Still Light will make an appearance. I wore it today and have some dark teal armpits to prove it, but I don’t think those need to be documented here.

Back to the color explosion.

9 thoughts on “Colorful beginnings

  1. that is so pretty!!! I love that yarn, and it is an interesting pattern.

    As for the teal underarms, I recommend a white vinegar rinse for that sweater – it will help to set the dye and prevent more color loss.

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