And then I ripped it all out…

When you have a creeping feeling in your gut that something is just not right with your knitting, you should pause, take a deep breath, and reread your pattern. And then maybe reread it again. And again, if necessary.

I actually did that a couple of times and I kept missing the tiny little mention of an increase that would make a big difference in the shaping. I kept looking at my first try and wondering why there was an angle on the side that should have been a straight edge. I just kept going, enjoying the knitting, not really pondering why the piece was getting longer but not wider. I got a good part of the way through one repeat of the chart and it wasn’t until I put a picture from my post on Instagram and looked at others with the same hashtag that it finally became totally clear that some element was missing. I sat down and ripped out until I was sure I was at a part that was completely correct, then I carefully read the line by line instructions. The pattern designer, Ysolda Teague, was kind enough to provide both. And then I saw it. The little mention of an increase on RS rows that had completely escaped me when I looked at that part of the pattern each time before. Sigh. I felt doubly dumb since this is the second time I’m making this shawl. Ah, well. It’s a colorful, squishy, and thoroughly enjoyable knit, so it wasn’t such a shame to reknit it. I’m further than yesterday and it now looks correct. marin rip
I just couldn’t leave that incorrect picture hanging out in cyberspace to confuse others. I’m grateful for the part social media played in helping me to correct my mistake much sooner than I might have. Back to knitting!

7 thoughts on “And then I ripped it all out…

  1. I hate having to rip out my knitting when I do something wrong, but it’s better to get it right when you know something is wrong than later on. Beautiful colors!

  2. I thought I was the only one who did this. I have a horrible habit of thinking that “it will straighten itself out eventually”. Wrong. Now when my gut says double check, I double check and rip out the mistake before I get too far ahead. Glad to know I’m in good company and that there is social media (and especially Ravelry) to verify my gut checks.

  3. oh, ripping back sucks, but it was all for a good cause! And now you get to knit with the yarn a little bit longer… so a silver lining! Loving the confetti colours.

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