Just another pair of socks

These socks began Friday night when I realized that I didn’t have anything just right to knit in the downtime for cheering on runners the following day. I am a coach for Girls on the Run in some of my other non-knitting life and my team had volunteered to cheer on racers and run a water station during a half-marathon last Saturday. Naturally, I had to take some knitting, just in case. Matt’s socks are at the heel flap point, meaning they would have required some concentration and eyeball gazing. Marin required looking at a chart. That meant, of course, that casting on a new pair of socks was essential. I can almost do toe increases without thinking, so I jumped into my stash (not in a Scrooge McDuck way, but that would be awesome), and pulled out some Knit Picks Felici in Mosaic.    feliciI’m in love with these colors. It doesn’t look like Felici is available on their site right now. I don’t know if it’s a thing that comes and goes or what. I’m not a hardcore Knit Picks knitter, but I can tell you that this yarn is beautiful and buttery soft, so I’m loving it. It feels almost as soft as Koigu, but also has 25% synthetic yarn to make it more durable. I just got a hole in some of my favorite Koigu socks, so I’m all for something strong and soft.

More spring knits coming soon!

15 thoughts on “Just another pair of socks

  1. Love that color, and, as an almost exclusively Knit Picks knitter, I can confirm that Felici does come and go. Mainly I see them bring it back around at holidays. Also, being able to jump into your stash like Scrooge McDuck would be awesome. There should be some knitter’s playground somewhere that allows people that experience.

    • Yes!!! Dive into the yarn! I will just have to keep my eyes open for Felici when it happens. I get the catalog at my house and it’s my “yarn porn.”

  2. Totally agree, sock knitting is perfect for social occasions! I start to feel uncomfortable when I don’t have something mindless on the needles. And those colors make me think of either the 70s, or the southwest. Either way, love ’em.

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