Silken spring sweater

My latest Featherweight Cardigan is complete! featherweight-2The yarn is Speck silk, by The Loom, color 11. I used about 6.5 balls of the yarn. I made the body to about 13″ total and the sleeves that long as well. featherweightThis is a wonderfully light piece. Though it’s my third time to knit this pattern, this is the first time I did stockinette stitch at the collar, and I really enjoy the way it rolls. featherweight-3This is a very easy knit to execute. I think it would be a fabulous first sweater project for beginners that want to dip their toe into sweater knitting. The pattern is well written, but also very easy to customize if you want more length or different stitch patterns as accents. featherweight-4I am so very often drawn to boring soothing stockinette projects, most of the time because that’s also what I want to wear. This style and color will fit into my wardrobe handily.

My work hours and family hours have kept me from the blogosphere much more than I want to be and I nearly forgot about one of my favorite knitalongs that’s going on right now! The Tops, Tanks, and Tees Knitalong by Shannon started at the end of April and continues through mid-May. I made myself finish this cardigan before casting on a project for it, but I have something on the needles and I will report back more about it soon! If you feel like making some summer tops, join in!

14 thoughts on “Silken spring sweater

  1. It’s such a great fit, and beautiful yarn! I’ve had featherweight in my queue forever, and feel like I need to cast one on right now. 🙂

  2. What a gorgeous knit! I have a cotton/linen blend in that colour. I wonder if it might be too heavy tho…… You look very pretty in it ; )

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