Just another pair of socks

Last week I got a cold and I needed some comfort knitting. I turned to these simple striped socks made with Knit Picks Felici in the color Mosaic. felici-3The yarn is soft and soothing. I was at the heel flap when I picked them up last week and they felt so comfortable and meditative that I just carried on until I was done. feliciI haven’t forgotten about my TTTKAL project and I’m back to working on it now, but sometimes you just need to knit socks. felici-2Know what I mean?

10 thoughts on “Just another pair of socks

    • See this tutorial: knitthehellout.com/2015/11/06/anatomy-of-a-toe-up-sock-heel/

      Flap dome over 1/2 of the total stitches, starting under the heel at the ankle.

  1. i totally know what you mean 🙂 i’m in a “I need to knit a little something for someone else” mood, so I started the second sock of a pair i want to knit for a friend 🙂

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