Beautiful distractions

As predicted, I’ve been taking a break from the TTTKAL Talavera. I don’t know if that KAL was extended or not, but I doubt even with the extension I’d get things wrapped up in a timely fashion. I’ve been enjoying the comfort of this tank: notched hem tank-2

The pattern is Notched Hem Tank and the yarn is Zooey in the color Sloop. I’m blending two sizes for this one. I’m starting with the size 40″ instructions at the bottom, and I’m working toward the 37″ at the top. I might end up in between. I also made the back piece two inches longer than the front for a little variety.

notched hem tankI had a little help while taking pictures.

Even more distracting knit-wise was an idea for a baby/toddler/small child tunic that popped into my head yesterday and had to be written down today. I did a little math during my lunch hour and have most of the numbers for a variety of sizes and I’ve already put yarn to needle for one in Charlotte’s size. More soon!

7 thoughts on “Beautiful distractions

  1. Thank you for sharing this KAL with us! I decided to join (my first KAL) and I managed to finish a long neglected cardigan. Good luck finishing your beautiful Talavera, that is a lot of lace. I can see why you would switch to something simpler. The tank looks beautiful.

  2. Ooh exciting news about the new pattern! The KAL did get extended, in fact I think it’s still going, so you might have time to finish! 🙂

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