Take your socks for a walk 

Sometimes if the project is just right, I can knit while I walk.I began some ubiquitous Hermione’s Everyday Socks the other day when I finished a different pair (to be posted soon). I can’t not have a pair of socks on the needles and I had recently received this gorgeous yarn by The Lemonade Shop, so it seemed like I should cast on a pair for me. I’ve made this pattern before, but I gave that pair away, so I decided this simple repeat was perfect for another autopilot pair of socks. 

The color is Sweatpants in the Mighty Sock base. It’s delightful so far. I love to combine knitting with walking when I can, making leisurely exercise even more pleasurable. I have a couple of Go Knit pouches that are perfect for this. I used to be able to walk to work and I had a pleasant 30 minute (when also knitting) commute to work through a park and campus. I almost always knit socks on these kinds of walks. The pouch can be clipped to your belt loop or worn on your wrist. OK, it’s definitely a bit nerdy, but I’m wholly willing to commit to knitting nerdery. I reserve this kind of knitting for pacing in the house when I can’t go out, or family walks. Some people are badass enough to knit through marathons though. I’m not there, yet…

13 thoughts on “Take your socks for a walk 

  1. oooh, that colourway looks amazing, I’ve been wanting to try the Lemonade Shop, but she doesn’t ship outside of the US. And hooray for knitting while walking, that’s my kind of multitasking!

  2. I took my knitting to stand in line when I voted in Nov 2008, but I don’t think I could walk & knit – I get too bouncy and if I’m listening to music, have to walk to the beat.

  3. Knitting socks and mittens is my favorite thing :)) I can’t do it walking :)) But I knit on the way to work in the tram…Usually people don’t even notice, but then one lady once said that I probably was going to kill her with my needles O-o…

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