oshima_mediumI’m Cassy Dominick, a knitting fanatic living in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Despite the warm weather here, I do my best to wear as many hand knitted items as I can, year-round.

I love to design, and my designs can be found on Ravelry here. My ravelry username is knitthehellout.

I wear many hats (in addition to knitting them). I have a doctorate in counselor education from the University of Arkansas and I’m a full time therapist. I am a mom to this little bean, this rambunctious kiddo, and a wife to this fella.

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42 thoughts on “Me

  1. Hi Cassy,
    It has been so long since I last saw you. I hardly recognized your pictures. Glad to hear you are still knitting. I have made many prayer shawls, some knitted and some crocheted. Right now I cannot knit as I have CarpelTunnel in my right hand. I am having surgery on the 16th of April to have this corrected and hope I do not have any more problems.

    Happy to hear you are doing so well in school. Would love to hear from you. Your Mom and Dad are here right now, they are at Marv and Norma’s today. We were at Susan and Steve’s last night for Easter Dinner. Stephanie was down with her son, hubby and little girl, Clare Margaret who will be one on the 26th of April. She is so sweet, smiles all the time and kept us all entertained. Steve and Susan gave her a big pink bunny with long ears and she loved it. Love you, Gram Alice

  2. That vest is lovely. I’m a knitter and taught it one year to middle school students- check out my posts on knitting (though I write about a bunch of topics.) Like how your grandmother wrote to you- that’s how my mother comments on my blog, as if no one else reads it. Interesting how we differ on yarn bombs! Good luck with school.

    • Wow…thats such an old comment, I remember how I was getting used to wordpress while leaving this comment here. I soon learnt how to follow ๐Ÿ™‚ Great work, I’m always a fan!

  3. Matt’s eyes match the hat that he has on in the last picture of him in your blog, did you notice that?? speaking of eye color?

  4. I really love this blog, and am so happy to have stumbled across it. The photographs are amazing and I am looking forward to an evening to myself at some point to have a good peruse and pick up some tips ๐Ÿ™‚

    • If you have access to a class, I’d go with that option. A local yarn store, Michael’s, or JoAnn’s probably have regular classes. If not, there are great videos on the site or by looking for videos on YouTube. I think Stitch n’ Bitch is also a great book for beginners. Hope that helps!

  5. Hey, just found your blog lurking at the side of my reader page – and I love it! You are so passionate about your craft and very good too. I love knitting too, started when I was about 6 years old, got a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Arts in it! Been working in fashion but not knitwear for quite a few years but it is always something I love.
    Really love your blog and I think I will have to start following you!

  6. So, I’m scrolling through Google looking for knitting patterns (I literally just started this week) and I come across a blog with the absolute coolest sweater patterns and the cutest kid. Scroll a little further to see the words “Bikes, Blues and Barbecue” and I’m shocked that you live here in Fayetteville! The tunes from “It’s a Small World After All” have latched on (and now won’t let go). True story!

    P.S., Do you know of any classes or have tips/tricks for newbie knitters in the local area? Thank you!

    • Hi Gina! We have a great local yarn store on Block Street called Hand Held Knitting. Cynthia, the owner does private lessons and there is a knit night on Thursday nights that’s a lot of fun. There is a great community of knitters here!

  7. Hi Cassy- I’m new to following your blog but you’ve inspired me to finally learn how to knit socks. Yours are fantastic. I’m excited to learn something new! Thanks for the inspiration.

  8. I enjoy knitting/crocheting (actually I’m a bit obsessed with it…lol) and I’ve been knitting/crocheting for a few years. I love your blog. I just discovered it last night and I’m excited to explore it more. Cheers!

  9. Hi
    Am new to the world of blogging and of knitting…just started my own blog and while browsing your blog caught my attention…and I loved it. Looking forward to exploring the world of knitting through enthusiasts like you. Am working on my first knitting project, a simple scarf but hope to make some of the really pretty things I saw you post

  10. Your stuff is so beautiful, the way you write is really engaging and fun!!!

    I wish lots of people get ” contaminated” by your joy and spirit!

    I am a yarn instructor for Michaels, in Delray Beach, FL…I do that for love alone.

    Would also love to share a great yarn online place –, of which I am sure you know already – all their patterns are free, great yarns at low prices, with lots of tutorials!

    Keep up bringing us your warmth!

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