Yarn surprises!

Yarn surprises!

new yarn-2I got a package in the mail last week from Carina! It was incredibly sweet of her. She emailed me and said she had a little baby present and wanted to send me some Regia since she knew I was also a Regia lover. She lives in Germany and sent me four skeins. I’m so in love with these colors!!! The purple will have to be something for Zooey of course. Maybe the pink will become something for Charlotte. Maybe they will even be matchy matchy…

I think my favorite skein color-wise is this: new yarn-3I adore those sunset oranges and can’t wait to see how that knits up. I am trying to reduce stash, but there’s always room for sock yarn, right?

Destashing sale!

Destashing sale!

I’m eliminating some things from my stash that I’ve realized I won’t get around to knitting anytime soon, or just aren’t practical for me these days. Price is listed next to all yarns as well as my best guess for shipping them. All payments will be accepted through PayPal and you can send the payments to cassandra.dominick@gmail.com for the PayPal email address. Shipping to the United States only. Please leave a comment and let me know you want the yarn and I’ll reply in the affirmative so you know it’s yours. Payments should be made in 24 hours or the yarn will be re-listed. When you make a PayPal payment please include a comment about which item you are purchasing along with your address for clarity. Each description includes a link to the Ravelry page about the yarn if you want to learn more or want inspiration.

Brown Sheep Burly Spun in Fuschia – $62 NOW $52!

Burly spun magentaThis is a single ply super bulky wool. It normally retails for $19.50 a skein. This is 4 skeins for a total of 528 yards. Selling for $50 plus $12 shipping for a total of $62. I thought I would make these floor cushions with this and the next yarn, but years later I haven’t done it. One skein is wound.

Brown Sheep Burly Spun in Sable –$62 NOW $52!

burly sable

This is a single ply super bulky wool. It normally retails for $19.50 a skein. This is 4 skeins for a total of 528 yards. Selling for $50 plus $12 shipping for a total of $62. One skein is wound.

Classic Elite Yarns Portland Tweed in Brown- $21 NOW $15! 

portlandThis yarn is discontinued. There are 3 balls for a total of 360 yards. It formerly retailed for about $10 a ball. Selling for $15 plus $6 shipping.

Wagtail 4 ply 100% Fine Kid Mohair in Soft Rust – $21  SOLD!

wagtailThis is nearly 2 full skeins of yarn, all wound. It normally retails for $24 a skein. I’m selling for $16 plus $5 shipping because a large portion of one skein was knit and then taken out of a project. This yarn is sport weight and a total of 820 yards.

Cascade Yarns Alpaca Lace in Green – $13 SOLD! 

cascadeThis includes 874 yards of laceweight alpaca. This yarn normally retails for about $8 a skein. Selling for $8 and $5 shipping.

Malabrigo Silky Merino in Sand and Smoke – $21 SOLD! 

malabrigo sand malabrigo smoke

I’m selling these two yarns together. This is a DK weight silk and merino blend yarn. It normally retails for about $10.99 a skein. All shown are wound. There is a full skein of the Smoke and one full skein of the Sand. Total Sand (yellow) yardage is 243 yards. Total Smoke yardage is 185 yards. Selling for $16 plus $5 shipping for a total of $25.

Fiesta La Luz in Palomino – $68 NOW $58! 


This yarn retails for about $30 a skein. It is 100% silk and gorgeous. A small amount of one skein was used for a swatch (a few yards). I unwound it and the full yardage is intact. I love this but I realized I probably won’t be making or wearing 100% silk garments with very small kiddos around right now. Selling for $60 plus $8 shipping.

Habu A-60 Shosheni Linen Paper in Taupe – $30 SOLD!


This yarn is a linen paper and retails for about $22 per 475 yards. This is 952 yards. One skein is wound and a small portion of that was knitted for a swatch. The amount is intact. Selling for $25 plus $5 shipping.

Habu Paper Silk Handbag Kit and Pattern – $30 NOW $25! 


These two yarns make this handbag. Kit includes silk yarn as well as paper linen yarn. The kit is for handbag color 115. This includes the pattern for the handbag. A small portion of the linen paper was used for a swatch, but the full amount of the yarn is intact. Cost is $24 plus $6 shipping.

Please leave a comment letting me know which yarn you would like!


Happy Christmas Eve!

Just a couple of weeks ago I was obsessing about this sock yarn, and I found a great score on eBay shortly afterward! I got two balls for less than the price of one. My feet will be in wooly bamboo heaven soon…just as soon as I finish three other projects…onlineI’m just happy to have some in my little paws. It was a little Christmas gift to myself. Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season! At this moment I’m likely eating too many cookies and knitting as fast as I can to finish Matt’s sweater.

Mini stasher

I have gotten some yarns recently that I haven’t been on top of getting in my Ravelry stash, so yesterday I was trying to get pics of some of these and catalog them.  If you don’t already use Ravelry’s stash page to catalog your yarns it’s an AMAZING feature of the site.  It really helps organize knitting projects by what you already have.  And then if you’re like me you can quickly see that you don’t have exactly what you need for a certain project, so therefore you must buy more yarn.  Ahem.

It’s also fun to organize your queue with specific yarns in mind, and it’s much easier to do a quick stash browse for a project knowing exactly how many yards you have left.  When you start a new project and say “Use stash yarn” on the yarn choice, you can pull from the stash.  If you are diligent and weigh the remaining yarn and put an accurate amount in the project page, Ravelry automatically subtracts from the total stash for that yarn and keeps track of what you have left.  Cool, huh?

I have a lot of yarn.  I’m not SABLE (Stash Acquired Beyond Life Expectancy), but I don’t hesitate to hoard  collect sweater quantities of sale yarns, and I especially don’t hesitate to buy beautiful sock yarn when I feel I must have it, (which is often).  My stash page definitely took a good amount of time to set up, but it was worth every moment of effort, and maintenance is pretty simple once you have it going.

So, the yarn… Z was “helping” me take pictures, and I got a few of her absconding with some DK weight Happy Feet.  stasher-2Every time I put the yarn down on the table to take a pic she promptly picked it up.



stasher-5She’s not even two yet, and I think she’s hooked on this stuff.

hermiones-3She turns 2 on the 31st!  Can’t believe she’s that big already.

Some recent yarns I’ve gathered: happy feetPlymouth Yarn Co Happy Feet DK in Lemon-Lime Sherbert for a Pinwheel Blanket.

londonOn-line Supersocke in the London colorway for future socks for Matt.

new yorkOn-line Supersocke in the New York colorway for a future secret project.

aimeeLouisa Harding Aimee in the color Cupid for a 3/4 sleeve Gemini for me.

louet orchidAnd some Louet Euroflax in Orchid, because it was a new color and I think it makes the best summer tops.  I don’t have a specific one in mind, but I’m sure I’ll love making something with it next summer.

I’m already ready for fall knits.  Am I crazy, or what? This SSKAL announcement has me all fired up to make a fall sweater.  I’m thinking Coda.  I also started a men’s sweater design out of Cascade Eco+, a nice thick Aran weight.  Perfect for upcoming August weather.  Ha!  I reorganized my queue  to get fall/winter things toward the top.  Once I finish the Linum Tee, I think my summer knitting is over.  With that finished, I will have completed 6 spring/summer tops for the season, and I’m ready to move on to the heavy hitters.  The school I work at starts August 5th, so that’s probably feeding into my fall frenzy as well.  Is anyone else ready for fall knits?  What are you planning on knitting this year?

Always thinking ahead

louet terraI’ve had this yarn sitting around my living room for awhile now. It’s a score from the WEBS anniversary sale.  I plan on using it to make a Waterlily soon, since that could also translate into some possible summer work attire.  It’s Louet Gems fingering weight in Terra Cotta.

Even with plans (and assigned yarns) for Waterlily, and a Linum Tee, and a Cowl Shell, I have been thinking I should make myself another Kit Camisole.  I have been wearing the hell out of the one I made last summer, and it’s use of linen and positive ease seems like the key to keeping cool and being able to wear a hand knit.  The Linum Tee and my recently finished Saco Stripes also use linen in the form of Shibui Linen, but it’s hand wash.  For my Kit Camisole I used Louet Euroflax Sport and that yarn can be washed and dried and wears like iron.  It’s well worth the cost.  I just may have ordered some yarn to get one of those going… Because knitting will never be done.

Tomorrow is the last day of the TTTKAL.  It seems doubtful that I will finish my Driftwood Tee before the end of the day tomorrow, but I’ll give it a shot!

Morning S.E.X.

I wasn’t planning for any S.E.X. this morning, but then this happened:

knitosophyIt was at my LYS, just begging to be picked up. Hold on, hold on. I don’t mean sex. I meant it was a Stash Enhancement eXpedition, of course. I’ve you’ve read the popular knitting guide Stitch n’ Bitch, you might recognize S.E.X. as one of their acronyms.

The yarn is Dream in Color Knitosophy in the color Strength. I used this brand of yarn on Zooey’s Pinwheel Blanket before, and was pretty fond of it. I think I’m going to whip up a Little Sister’s Dress, but I can’t tell you who the recipient is just yet.

I also recently acquired this yarn at a stash swap at my LYS.lorna's laces

I couldn’t resist it when the former owner said she’d give it to me for $15, since Lorna’s Laces is usually double that for a pair of socks. Some of Matt’s favorite socks are made with Lorna’s Laces, and this color (Fiddlehead) seems like a nice manly color, so they will probably end up as a pair for him.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. I wish you all lots of S.E.X.

_________Yards! A guessing game giveaway!

I’ve been trying out some new podcasts lately. I listened to the April 18th episode of Jane and Jen Knit Funny. I really liked the episode I heard. Then they mentioned their stashes. Each of them had about 12 or 14 different yarns in their stash and they each talked about how out of hand they felt like their stash was becoming. I felt like a freak! I have 124 different yarns in my stash.

Then, I was listening to Episode 128 of Stash and Burn and they were discussing their total yardage of stash yarn. Nicole mentioned she had over 45,000 yards of yarn in her stash. Well, that sounded like a lot, but I felt more like those ladies understood me. I hadn’t realized before, but tabulating your total stash yardage is something you can easily figure out in Ravelry. How exciting!


There is a handy little button that lets you import your stash into an Excel sheet and download it. Then you can just sum the column to find out how many yards you have! I found out how many. It’s a lot… so I’m going to do a giveaway because it seems appropriate that I get rid of some yarn.

Leave a comment on this post your guess for the number of yards of yarn I have in my stash. This is just for fun, so please don’t go and do anything crazy and try to add it all up. That’s cheating. Whoever guesses the closest number without going over the amount (like The Price is Right) wins this lovely yarn:

stash-24_medium2A second runner-up will receive one of my patterns of their choice for free. I will choose a winner on Saturday morning at 9:00 am, so you have until then to make a guess! Take a look at my stash, but please just make a guess. One more hint, the Excel spreadsheet will not include anything up for trade or sale.

Happy guessing!