Fending off the yarn thief

yarn thief-2

I have a potential yarn thief at my house. She looks innocent enough, but if she has access to a pair of scissors, watch out. Yesterday, while I was taking a knitting break, Zooey walked up to me and said she wanted mittens out of the yarn I was using. I said I was making socks, but there would likely be leftovers to use in some mittens. She said that she wanted me to stop knitting the socks right now and she said she was going to cut the yarn! What a little punk. I think in trying to get her excited about wearing knits after she went through a period of resistance I might have accidentally communicated that anything was possible. To her that must also mean co-opting the yarn from any current project. No way, girlfriend.
regia socks

After wrenching the scissors from her hand and convincing her I would save the spare yarn for mittens, she gave up. So, what is this fabulous yarn? More Regia. This one is in the Garden Effects Design Line and the color is 3309 Gold. At first when I started the toes I wasn’t in love with the colors, but by the time I was halfway up the foot I was deeply and passionately convinced that I’d be keeping these for myself. Sometimes it’s really hard not to be a selfish knitter! I try. I even tell myself that I have too many sweaters and pairs of socks that don’t get worn regularly and I should pass them on, but is anyone ever going to be as in love with them as I am? I only want to give items away if they’re going to be slightly worshipped. I don’t necessarily have to see them being worn constantly, but a little hint about how much they’re loved from time to time would be good. Matt is fantastic at this. Zooey seems pretty good at it too lately. I guess I have trained both of them to stroke my ego enough to keep producing them more items.

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Summer sunshine

Lately we’ve alternated between bright and humid sunny days and thunderstorms. This color, Saffron, in Hazel Knits Artisan Sock, brings the sunshine regardless of the weather outside.

After messing up my Damask shawl in this color and reordering the color I decided I would rather have a top than another shawl. I decided to make another Whispers top. I made one before in the smallest size. I made that size due to the limited amount of yarn I had in my gradient kit at the time, but this time I decided to make the 37″ size to have a loose and flowing top as the pattern was written.

I keep getting distracted by my walking socks, and blanket squares too, but I’d like to finish up this top in the next couple of weeks in time for the beginning of the school year and back to working full time.

Steady on

I know this is a knitting blog, and I almost never get political, but it feels like I couldn’t write a post in the wake of the tragedy in Orlando without saying something. There are families shattered by unspeakable horror due to ridiculous gun violence right now. There is no reason one human being needs an assault weapon that can end the lives of 50 others in minutes. It’s 2016. We as human beings can come up with a better way to live that doesn’t involve guns being readily accessible. I have hope that we can come to grips with this as a society and better ourselves, but that doesn’t take away the present pain of the friends and families of those that were slaughtered. My thoughts and prayers for peace are with them. Please send them thoughts of peace and love if you feel so inclined. No one should have to face such horror and my heart goes out to you, Orlando. notchedThe Notched Hem Tank is still living on my needles. It feels like I’m making very little progress on any one project because I keep jumping around from project to project with little concentrated focus on only one. I’m working on a baby/kid design that’s been taking a good deal of mental energy and revising to get just what I want. For that project I designed then knit an entire piece then decided it needed to be a bit different. So I started from scratch. And then ripped. And then ripped again. So this Notched Hem is lucky it’s gotten attention at all, but I really want to wear it, so I’m hoping to finish it up this week. I’m on the upper back and will likely make some slight revisions to the front, starting the neckline at a lower point to keep this a cooler summer item.

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Beautiful distractions

As predicted, I’ve been taking a break from the TTTKAL Talavera. I don’t know if that KAL was extended or not, but I doubt even with the extension I’d get things wrapped up in a timely fashion. I’ve been enjoying the comfort of this tank: notched hem tank-2

The pattern is Notched Hem Tank and the yarn is Zooey in the color Sloop. I’m blending two sizes for this one. I’m starting with the size 40″ instructions at the bottom, and I’m working toward the 37″ at the top. I might end up in between. I also made the back piece two inches longer than the front for a little variety.

notched hem tankI had a little help while taking pictures.

Even more distracting knit-wise was an idea for a baby/toddler/small child tunic that popped into my head yesterday and had to be written down today. I did a little math during my lunch hour and have most of the numbers for a variety of sizes and I’ve already put yarn to needle for one in Charlotte’s size. More soon!

Too few hours in the day

I’m moving slowly on this TTTKAL project. The knit along is supposed to end on the 27th and I’m woefully behind. The weekends have been packed with fun family time that doesn’t allow for knitting, and some of my evening downtime is spent trying to get Fitbit steps like a madwoman to fight more sternly with the post-baby pudge that’s so very settled on my bones at this minute. talavera-4The pattern is Talavera and it’s lovely. I’m going a bit off the cuff after the armholes. I ignored (by accident) an increase that was there and elected to just cast on enough stitches on each side for one lace repeat to give this a bit more of a sleeve. I’m also considering scrapping the funnel neck in favor of something that will be slightly more open and hot-weather friendly. It’s a work in progress. Luckily the back and front are mirrored right now so I can turn this into either the front or back if inspiration strikes and I suddenly need a deep scoop neck. talavera-3The temperatures here are climbing, then falling, then climbing again. I guess I’m in no real rush to finish this, but I like to have projects to write about so I’ll probably get distracted by something else again soon. talavera-5What about turning this into a halter top?

Just kidding.

Sneak peek

The Featherweight Cardigan is coming along. The last two versions I made were longer, but this time I decided to go with something that hit closer to my natural waist, as intended by the pattern. I made it a total of 13″, which is not a cropped sweater for many, but I have an overachieving torso, so this is how I roll. featherweight-4So far I think my only mod is adding an additional two underarm stitches to hit between the 35″ and 38″ sizes, sleeve wise. This sweater is made out of Speck silk yarn by The Loom. It’s as light as air, which seems appropriate for a cardigan named after a feather.

Now onto the sleeves!

In the mood for shawls

ashburnAshburn has been a delightful project so far. I knew I wanted to make another shawl while I was working on Marin, so I perused Ravelry for some inspiration. As soon as I saw the pop of colors and drape of Ashburn, I knew it had to be mine. It was also a great excuse to get more Peppino in another color I coveted. I took the Peppino home and studied my stash to come up with this color combination. The orange is Malabrigo Sock in Terracotta. The speckled yarn is Peppino in Lake of Bays, and the light turquoise is Hazel Knits Artisan Sock in Aventurine. ashburn-2

As soon as I got to the color changes and studied the pattern a bit I realized if I didn’t carry the yarn up the sides for the stripes I would have many many ends to weave in, which is not a favorite thing of mine. I looked at the projects on Ravelry that met the criteria “helpful note” in the search dropdown option and added “carrying yarn” in the search box to arrive at this helpful video linked in one of the projects. It made the yarn carrying look clean enough to work for this project. You can still see a bit of the contrast color being carried at the edges but it’s much more favorable to weaving in end after end. ashburn-3

I am fully into the second color and I love the texture of this part. Below is the “wrong side” but I think both sides look equally great. It will likely be too warm to wear this when it’s done, but I will try to find a way anyway! ashburn-4