The pretties

yarn-3If you didn’t know this already, here’s a confession: I’m a hardcore yarn addict. Seriously. Wool fumes are a dangerous thing for me, especially when combined with an insanely gorgeous hand dyed speckled yarn. The picture above shows some yarn I saw recently at Hand Held Knitting, my LYS extraordinaire, which is far too close to my house and full of wonderful knitters, and I had to have it so bad it hurt. It wasn’t even out on the floor for sale yet. It was still packed up in boxes and Cynthia gave us a peek. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I would be devastated if I couldn’t turn that colorful hank of yarn into something delightful, so I got it. What is this exquisite gem of a skein, you ask? It’s Rhichard Devrieze Yarns, Peppino, in the colorway The Flowers. I know Cynthia is going to sell out of this yarn in about five seconds, so it was a have-to kind of thing, right? If you’re a Koigu lover this style will be familiar to you. This dyer has also worked for Koigu. I’m going to turn this into a Marin shawl, since I would really like another one of those shawls, and I’d like to turn this into a piece I could wear often. I’m making myself finish Still Light this week before I really get going on something else. yarn-2

Sock crazy

Sock crazy

I’m sock crazy over here this week. My LYS just got some Regia Design Line by Arne and Carlos. I’ve been lusting after this yarn since I saw it on their Facebook page in March. The owner, Cynthia, called me on my birthday and said she had just gotten it in stock. Did I mention I now live a block away from the yarn store? Dangerous territory. Well I immediately had to get the two colors I lusted after the most. These are Summer Night arne and carlosand Fall Night. arne and carlos-2You can see what the finished sock looks like for the colors here, or take a peek at the sock so far for Summer Night: arne and carlos sock-2The bit at the very tip of the toes is my absolute favorite part so far, and it’s coming up again soon in the striping. arne and carlos sockI wanted these to match, so I unraveled one ball to match the other. I had to lose about 9 grams of one ball to do this. I wish they were a little better matched at the starting point since they came in two balls. Luckily they have such generous yardage that it won’t be an issue.

Those repeats make me want to keep going and see what’s next…

Yarn surprises!

Yarn surprises!

new yarn-2I got a package in the mail last week from Carina! It was incredibly sweet of her. She emailed me and said she had a little baby present and wanted to send me some Regia since she knew I was also a Regia lover. She lives in Germany and sent me four skeins. I’m so in love with these colors!!! The purple will have to be something for Zooey of course. Maybe the pink will become something for Charlotte. Maybe they will even be matchy matchy…

I think my favorite skein color-wise is this: new yarn-3I adore those sunset oranges and can’t wait to see how that knits up. I am trying to reduce stash, but there’s always room for sock yarn, right?


Happy Christmas Eve!

Just a couple of weeks ago I was obsessing about this sock yarn, and I found a great score on eBay shortly afterward! I got two balls for less than the price of one. My feet will be in wooly bamboo heaven soon…just as soon as I finish three other projects…onlineI’m just happy to have some in my little paws. It was a little Christmas gift to myself. Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season! At this moment I’m likely eating too many cookies and knitting as fast as I can to finish Matt’s sweater.

Itchy brain

You know when you can’t remember the name of something and it drives you crazy?! I have been trying to think of a yarn that I used for socks for both of my parents ages ago. Unfortunately, this was before I was good about putting almost every project that passed over my knitting needles on Ravelry. It was a sock yarn that was super soft, had a little halo when you knit it, had a bit of bamboo, could be washed and dried like it was no problem, and had a fake fair isle patterning on it. I’ve been wondering about it for a couple of months. When my LYS reopened it wasn’t in the sock yarn area and I didn’t know if it was one that hadn’t made it back into the shop yet, or if it was all gone. Tonight it came to a fever pitch because I just had to know. It was killing me.

Thank goodness for Ravelry!!!

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 8.25.13 PMThere it is. Seems unavailable online, but I’m just happy to have the brain relief. It got slightly fuzzy while I knit it, and it was so incredibly soft. For an inexpensive sock yarn, I was pretty impressed. I still want more, but maybe there is a small chance that my LYS has some somewhere. It seems like the company has other yarns with similar fiber makeups, so if I really must have something like it, I’ll be able to find something like it. I’m just glad to have the mystery solved, and this is a good lesson to keep up my project page so I know what the heck things are!

Wovember yarn tasting

Earlier this month some lovely folks at Blacker Yarns sent me some yarns to try in celebration of Wovember. I wanted to swatch these and post sooner, but I got caught up in my NaKniSweMo sweater goals and then the holiday. I finally got a chance to swatch the yarns this weekend, so I thought I would share my thoughts. This was a fun yarn tasting because I had never heard of or worked with some of these types of breeds. Most of these are wooly wools. I’m used to lots of merino or many times I just don’t know what type of wool is in the yarn. These were pretty specific and were often pure blends. blacker yarnsThis first tan one was Pure North Ronaldsay. It’s an Aran weight and the color is natural. The label also says it’s woollen spun. As a non-spinner I don’t know the difference between woollen and worsted spun, but it’s nice that the info is provided. This one had great stitch definition and felt like it would make a fabulous winter sweater or outer garment. It’s not super soft, so it might require a layer underneath. I loved the natural heathered look of the yarn and the thick wooly feel while I knit it. blacker yarns-3This turquoise yarn (color=Over-Dyed Turquoise) is a Pure Shetland and is also woollen spun. It’s definitely softer than the Pure North Ronaldsay. I wouldn’t hesitate to wear this next to the skin. It’s about the same level of softness and weight as Rowan Felted Tweed if you’re familiar with that yarn. I loved this color so much. There is a slight heathering to this yarn as well, and this picture doesn’t do that justice. It has a subtle grey mixed in with the gorgeous turquoise. I knit this swatch on a 3 mm needle. I’d call it a DK or sport weight yarn. It seems like it would be fantastic for a fair isle project, and I might mix it with the next yarn and do just that. blacker yarns-6This is Pure Dark Wensleydale, a DK weight yarn in a natural color that is worsted spun. It has a bit more sheen than the previous two yarns. It’s got a bit more of a wild feeling. Something about the feel and texture reminds me of mohair a bit. This yarn seems like it would have wonderful drape for a garment. I could see myself making a Breezy Cardigan out of this because I think the drape would be elegant for those oversized blanket-like sweater fronts.blacker yarns-2This is Pure Bluefaced Leicester. Again, the color is natural, and this one is called a 4 ply, but I’d call it a fingering weight probably. This one was the softest of the bunch and had a lovely bit of a halo in the swatch. This one feels soft enough for baby garments or anything really. I love it and I want much much more of it. This one was worsted spun. I have only worked with BFLs for socks (as far as I know), but I would love to use this for larger garments.

blacker yarns-4The yarn above is a Pure Gotland, a woollen spun DK in the color Over-Dyed Plum. This one is not one I would wear next to the skin, but it seems like it would be great as an outer layer or cardigan. It has a lovely bit of sheen and excellent stitch definition. Honestly, this one wasn’t my favorite, partly due to the lack of softness and I’m also not a huge fan of the color. The swatch on a 3 mm needle did have a nice solid feel, and later I realized the needle suggestion for this weight was 4 mm, so it might feel very different on a larger needle.

blacker yarns-5The final yarn is a blend of Hebridean wool with Mohair. It’s a 4 ply, woollen spun in Over-Dyed Olive Green. It has a nice sheen in the swatch. Mohairs make me itch a little bit, so I think that was affecting my judgement of the softness, but it is a gorgeous yarn nevertheless. This would be another excellent candidate for fair isle projects.

Thank you to to the folks at Blacker Yarns for letting me try out these lovely breeds of wool. They have a wonderful selection of wools and I was really excited to try yarn from some breeds I’d never learned about before.


Weekend treat

I love when I come home and find that something pretty has arrived in the mail. I received some Republic of Wool Twist Fingering in Artificial Light. Behold: repofwoolThe colors make me very happy. I see peeps on Instagram posting all the time about beautiful sock yarns. Sometimes it’s really dangerous to look up those dyers… Dangerous and beautiful.  I want to get my Simple Skyp socks off the needles before I turn this Twist Fingering into socks, but luckily those are only an inch of ribbing away from being done.  I’m hoping to see Gone Girl this weekend and they’ll make a perfect movie knitting project.