Fending off the yarn thief

yarn thief-2

I have a potential yarn thief at my house. She looks innocent enough, but if she has access to a pair of scissors, watch out. Yesterday, while I was taking a knitting break, Zooey walked up to me and said she wanted mittens out of the yarn I was using. I said I was making socks, but there would likely be leftovers to use in some mittens. She said that she wanted me to stop knitting the socks right now and she said she was going to cut the yarn! What a little punk. I think in trying to get her excited about wearing knits after she went through a period of resistance I might have accidentally communicated that anything was possible. To her that must also mean co-opting the yarn from any current project. No way, girlfriend.
regia socks

After wrenching the scissors from her hand and convincing her I would save the spare yarn for mittens, she gave up. So, what is this fabulous yarn? More Regia. This one is in the Garden Effects Design Line and the color is 3309 Gold. At first when I started the toes I wasn’t in love with the colors, but by the time I was halfway up the foot I was deeply and passionately convinced that I’d be keeping these for myself. Sometimes it’s really hard not to be a selfish knitter! I try. I even tell myself that I have too many sweaters and pairs of socks that don’t get worn regularly and I should pass them on, but is anyone ever going to be as in love with them as I am? I only want to give items away if they’re going to be slightly worshipped. I don’t necessarily have to see them being worn constantly, but a little hint about how much they’re loved from time to time would be good. Matt is fantastic at this. Zooey seems pretty good at it too lately. I guess I have trained both of them to stroke my ego enough to keep producing them more items.

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