Summer sunshine

Lately we’ve alternated between bright and humid sunny days and thunderstorms. This color, Saffron, in Hazel Knits Artisan Sock, brings the sunshine regardless of the weather outside.

After messing up my Damask shawl in this color and reordering the color I decided I would rather have a top than another shawl. I decided to make another Whispers top. I made one before in the smallest size. I made that size due to the limited amount of yarn I had in my gradient kit at the time, but this time I decided to make the 37″ size to have a loose and flowing top as the pattern was written.

I keep getting distracted by my walking socks, and blanket squares too, but I’d like to finish up this top in the next couple of weeks in time for the beginning of the school year and back to working full time.


I love this top.  It’s Whispers, another brilliant design by Veera Valimaki.  I love her style.  The pattern was originally called “Wispers” on Ravelry and in the magazine preview, and “Whispers” in the pattern itself.  It has since been corrected on Ravelry to read “Whispers”.  I fixed my previous posts since the library graduate assistant me couldn’t stand to have all of those incorrect keywords floating around.whispers-3

This top is meant to be worn with more ease, but I only had 635 yards in my gradient kit, and I was hesitant to buy a second kit since these yarns are not sold separately.  I decided to knit the smaller size, add a bit of length for my long waist, and not worry so much about the extra ease since it would still fit at this size.  I still like the effect, and I’m so happy the kit worked for this!whispers

The kit is the Terra Cotta colorway from Black Trillium Fibres on Etsy.  I used all but a couple of yards for this project.  If you recall from an earlier post, I did run out of yarn and I ripped back to the waist decreases and made a few alterations so that I wouldn’t run out a second time.  It was a bit of a pain, but worth it to save the cost of an extra kit.  I’m sure I could have found a good use for more of these beautiful colorways though…whispers-2

Whispers sneak peek

IMG_20140309_205004This is a little slightly blurry phone pic from last night, but I finished the knitting on my Whispers and I was too excited to wait and take a better picture to post.  I hope to have a modeled shot sometime this week.  As shown above, the shoulders are not put together, and I still have a little bit of finishing around the neckline to work after the shoulders are put together.

I finished this baby by the skin of my teeth, y’all.  Really, I made this top 1.5 times because I had all but the back shoulders after the neck bind off to finish on Saturday morning and I was really and truly going to run out of yarn. Crap crap crap.  I knew I was cutting it really close since I’d added about an inch in length to the body, but I wanted that length. So when I finally accepted that I was going to run out of yarn mere yards from the finish, I started to rip. I’m an optimist. I held out until the last second.

See that middle orange section? The one with the waist shaping? I ripped back to that one right before the waist increases.  I allowed myself to still add a bit of length, but I just made the narrowest part of the sweater a bit longer and I also added 2 more rows between each waist increase, letting the sweater grow in length without having to work as much width. This time I made it, keeping a close eye on my yarn, measuring tiny balls with my digital scale to ensure I’d make it. I did.

Tonight she will get some shoulder finishing and blocking! If I love this top as much as I think I will, I just might have to turn my other Black Trillium gradient kit into one too…

Color invasion!

I’m crossing my fingers for spring, even in the midst of predictions for freezing rain in the next few days.  To prod spring along, and as a nice respite from all the blue-grey of Pensacola.  I am also in the mood to cast on all of the things!

Here’s my progress on Whispers.  I love how quickly fingering weight goes on size 6 (4mm) needles.  I’m on the fourth color of my gradient kit from Black Trillium.  Getting to each new color is really motivating me to go faster and faster.  wispers-2It makes me really happy.

I’d also been thinking about casing on a BlueSand Cardigan since it’s release date, but it was another thing I wouldn’t let myself do with the Pensacola deadline.  The pattern calls for DK weight yarn, but I have 1600 yards of Blue Moon Socks that Rock in Blue Moonstone that have been crying out to become something for awhile.  I did a gauge swatch and I’m going up a sweater size to get a pretty similar result to the 34″.  blue sandThe lighter blue will be the main color, with the teal Squishy Anzula as the top contrast stripe and the yellow Vice Carnal Corpses Christi as the other contrasting yarn.  It seems a little silly to begin such a large cardigan this time of year, but realistically as much as I wish for spring, I’ll probably have many opportunities to wear it.  I’m happy for the super cheery colors.

This is only the tip of the iceberg, color-wise.  I have some Blue Moon Fiber Arts Gaea Sport coming for the New Girl KAL and some intensely colorful and fun sock yarn that I’ll post about when I get a bit further into the stripes.  I’m committing to a spring full of COLOR!

The carrot on the stick

Pensacola should be fully dry after blocking tonight, so I can seam it this evening. I can’t wait to see it all seamed up and on the dress form. The project that pushed me to finish the knitting (because I wouldn’t let myself start something more fun and abandon it) was this:

wispersI’m making the Whispers top by Veera Valimaki.  I didn’t happen to have 600 plus yards in any one color of my fingering weight yarn, but I did have this lovely Terra Cotta gradient kit from Black Trillium, which has 635 yards total.  I won’t be able to make my stripes an even width, due to shaping in the sweater, but I think I will like the overall effect.

This kit is a nice color shock to the system. I’m starting with the darkest yarn and moving to the lightest.  I’m also making the 32″ size.  This sweater has a lot of positive ease happening.  Doing the math on this size, there are about 34.5 inches at the waist and 6″ ease at the bust for the pleats.  That should still be plenty flattering, and having a little more wiggle room on the yarn means I’ll get away with possibly adding some extra length if I want.

I’m so excited for springtime knits!  I’ve loved making a bunch of cold-weather sweaters this season, but I’m ready for something refreshing.  Matt is a little sad that he won’t see a new sweater until next fall, but I just couldn’t bring myself to knit a huge Aran weight grey thing right now.  On another fun note, Angela and I are going to do a little KAL with an incredibly adorable skirt starting mid-March.  Basically, Angela has impeccable style and she said on her blog that she was going to knit it, and I said that I needed to do that too.  Anyone that feels like making a skirt mid-March, please join us!  There will be no incentives, aside from some mutual skirt admiration and the implicit rewards that come from making these knit stitches over and over. The designer, Allyson Dkyhuizen, happens to have the skirt half off this week, so if you want to knit it, it’s a good time to get the pattern!